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Worm-foo will fight you.

Dino-who comes to chew.

'paper grinder'

'mr b'


'skiing big'


'night shift'


'Ali fashion'

'marines in love'

'supermarket discount girl'

'knackered princes'

'worm up'

'tourist guy'

'seal boxer'

'hammer boy'

'sock dog' with his scribble

'anorak girl'

'jumping tourist' with his scribble

'tourist horse'

'saliva bubble'

'rat professor'

'pin Sheriff' with his scribble

'man in the sand' with his scribble

'Chinese man' from a scribble

'human been'

'cracked egg'

'nun cork'

'dancing girl'

'Russian boy'


'flat face'

'Dr. chair'

'golden chicken'

FAIL DUDE ! The Professor

'long nose guy'

'floating man' from a scribble